The Total Gym XLS Offers Huge Improvements

The Total Gym XLS Offers Huge ImprovementsAny home fitness gym will require some type of equipment that is going to help you target all of your most important areas in a safe and efficient manner.  For this reason, many different people will turn to the Total Gym line, as this particular brand of exercise equipment is designed to help you work on many different areas of your body all with the same piece of equipment.  However, simply being good is not enough for the truly respectable companies, which is why the Total Gym XLS system has now been released.

The XLS takes the earlier designs of the Total Gym units and increases their productivity.  Instead of simply offering a wide array of over 60 exercises that can be performed through the machine, you will now be able to perform over 80 different exercises through this unit.  That alone can make this piece of equipment a very valuable one that should help you to target all of the most important areas of your body.  Furthermore, the construction of the machine is of a higher quality, making it a more heavy-duty durable unit that can put up with more wear-and-tear than its other counterparts.

You will be able to bring your home fitness gym workout to a new degree when you invest in the Total Gym XLS unit.  It will be easy to discover that you can perform a number of Pilates routines through the use of this system, which can make it popular with people who want to perform a number of different workout regiments to stay active and healthy.  The machine will even come with a Pilates DVD which can help guide you through an ideal workout that you can complete.  Other programs can easily be performed through the Total Gym XLS as well.

The more that you look through the various Total Gym products, the more that the XLS model will stand out as an excellent choice.  This means that you will want to consider this piece of home fitness gym equipment as a vital part of your workout routine.  You will find this model highly recommended by a number of sources, earning it a closer look during your research.

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