Total Vigor Fit 300 Gym: Affordable Alternative?

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Total Vigor Fit 300 Gym: Affordable Alternative?The more that you compare various at home fitness gym pieces of equipment, the more options you are going to be presented with including the Total Vigor Fit 300.

Some home gyms will be incredibly functional, although they may be priced higher than you want to spend.  Other units will be priced in an affordable range, although you will want to take the time to consider that they may be made of an inferior quality.  That is important to keep in mind when you look at the Total Vigor Fit 300 model, one of the gyms you can find on eBay.

Looking at the Total Vigor Fit 300, you are going to find that it is highly compared to the Total Gym line of workout products which are on the market.  Whether or not the Total Vigor Fit 300 will actually compare to these products remains to be seen by any discretionary consumer.  One of the biggest selling points of the Total Vigor Fit 300 is the fact that it is comparable to the Total Gym line of products but comes at a greatly reduced price.  While this particular model of gym equipment may have the same basic product features, you must take the time to see if they are made to the same high quality.

Taking a closer look at the Total Vigor Fit 300, you are going to discover that the unit is being sold at a cheaper price because it did not cost as much to actually construct.  Instead of being chrome plating, the machine itself has been coated with powder.  That won’t help it remain fluid in motion for very long.  Padding has been applied in all of the wrong places and handles to the machine are made out of a cheap plastic which can actually break rather easily.  Many of the bars are also rather thin, making them rather ineffective.

A home fitness gym piece of equipment needs to be very practical and easy to use.  The truth of the matter is that the Total Vigor Fit 300 is none of these things and may only cause problems.  Therefore, although it is cheaper, you will want to avoid this product for one which is going to give you a better overall workout.

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