Secrets To The Best Home Workout

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Secrets To The Best Home WorkoutHaving a home gym is the best option for people who are busy outside of the home. Home gyms are also great for people who are living on a budget. Having a gym membership can be expensive and can end up being a waste of money. Having a home gym lets you get in the workout in the comfort of your own home and at your own convenience. Here are some secrets to the best home workout. All of the equipment listed here can be found either used or new on eBay.  Here are links to the products on

One of the secrets to the best home workout is having a stability ball.  A stability ball, otherwise known as a fitness ball, helps you work on balance as you do certain exercises. Using a stability ball focuses on your core muscles such as the abdominal muscles and back muscles. By using a fitness ball a normal strength training routine can become more challenging and strengthens more muscle groups at the same time. The stability ball is also used in everyday activities such as sitting on it as you would a computer chair. Using a stability ball as a chair helps to engage the abdominal muscles as you work on the computer.

Resistance bands and dumbbells (ie free weights) are a good addition to your home gym. They're fairly cheap and easy to find and they're good for all fitness levels. resistance bands have many different tension levels so it is best to find those that will fit your needs. Just about any exercise you can do with dumbbells you can do with resistance bands.

Another one of the secrets to the best home workout is a total body gym. Total body gyms, although expensive, can be a great addition to your home gym. This piece of exercise equipment usually folds up for easy storage. Total body gyms work out multiple parts of your body using the same piece of equipment. A total body gym is most convenient for those unable to go to the gym and require heavier weights.

The Best Home WorkoutHaving an exercise mat is a nice item to have in a home gym, especially if you have hard floors. An exercise mat will provide cushion as you do exercises on the floor. An exercise mat is used for various workout routines such as yoga, pilates, or weight training routines that require you to lie on your back or stomach. There are certain exercise mats specifically made so you won't slide around. These are called sticky mats.

Another one of the secrets to the best home workout is an exercise video
or DVD. There are videos made specifically for strength training with weights, yoga or pilates, or cardio. Some videos combine all forms of exercise so you get strength training, cardio, and flexibility/stretching in one.

Workout routines are usually not complete without some form of cardiovascular activity. If you are able to afford a cardio machine for your home gym, choose one that you are likely to use three to four times a week. If you're unable to afford a piece of cardio equipment, than the standard jump rope will work just as well. Jump ropes can provide a great workout and don't require a lot of time. A cardio machine such as a treadmill, an elliptical, or a stationary bike are great pieces of cardio equipment to own.

Home gyms are unique to everybody. It is best to set up your own gym with equipment that you'll find most useful. It’s no different that decorating a room, but what you add can help you discover your own secrets to the best home workout.

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