Do Bowflex SelectTech Dumbell Stands Hold Up?

Do Bowflex SelectTech Dumbell Stands Hold UpOne component that most people work into their home fitness gym will be free weights.  These particular weights are popular because they allow you to easily work on different areas of your body in a variety of locations, providing you with the chance to still have a range of workouts available in a space which may be too small for traditional machines.  Bowflex SelectTech Dumbell stands are one example of these free weights that you could turn to, as they can give you a sleek and sophisticated design that allows you to work out without taking up too much room in your home.

The innovative design which goes into the SelectTech dumbells are the fact that you will be able to adjust the tension in the weights, therefore increasing the weight.  You will not have to work on adding and removing weights from the bars like before, turning this into an all-inclusive piece of equipment.  The Bowflex line is known for using rod tension to supply the necessary amounts of weight rather than actual weights, which makes these particular units easy to use.  Each individual weight can range between 2.5 pounds to a full 25 pounds, making them suitable for anyone.

When you have these SelectTech weights as a part of your home fitness gym, you will find that the adjusting of weight is also easy to achieve.  This will be made possible through the dial on the end of the weight itself, which increases or decreases the tension as needed.  One simple adjustment suddenly makes it easier than ever to take advantage of these weights in your home.  The dumbell stands themselves will also provide you a place to store these weights when not being used, something which is very beneficial to keeping your home free and clear of clutter.

The biggest drawback to the Bowflex SelectTech dumbell stands are that the weights themselves are somewhat large, potentially causing them to get in your way when you are doing certain exercises.  This can be annoying and hamper a full workout routine.  All in all, however, they are a great way for you to take advantage of a home fitness gym and give yourself all of the tools you need to get into shape!

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