A Closer Look at the Total Gym 1700 Model

A Closer Look at the Total Gym 1700 ModelLooking through all of the options that come with a Total Gym 1700 model means that you will be examining all of the various exercises that you can use this particular unit for.  That will be important when you are hoping to figure out if this is the best model that you can bring into your home fitness gym, for you will want to spend your money in the right place to make sure that you are always getting the highest possible use out of the machines that you purchase.

This particular unit is going to be a good investment for your money when you are in the market for a piece of home gym equipment at a budget price.  The unit is relatively inexpensive and as a result, it will only come with a basic amount of features.  Those features should be enough for any light workout routine, however, making this a good choice for beginners.  You will find that over 50 exercises are available through the Total Gym 1700 model, however, and this is a great place for beginners to start.

No matter what your particular desires are for your home fitness gym, you should be able to integrate this basic Total Gym 1700 model into your plans.  Accessories are included which give you a Pilates bar, helping you to perform this exciting mode of exercise.  You will also find that you can attach weights to the unit, allowing you to work on your resistance training.  The more that you pile onto this machine, the quicker you will begin to figure out that this unit can handle a basic amount of heavy training.  The unit will also be able to support users up to 325 pounds, helping people use the Total Gym 1700 when they want to start getting back into shape.

Any home fitness gym equipment should be easy to use and well respected by the user.  The Total Gym series is a great place to start when you are looking for the perfect pieces of equipment.  Taking a closer look at the Total Gym 1700 model in particular may be the right opportunity for you to take should you feel that you want to make your home gym even more useful.

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