A Closer Look at the Bowflex Elite

A Closer Look at the Bowflex EliteOnce you start to look at the full range of home fitness gym equipment pieces on the market, you are going to discover that the Bowflex is one of the most popular types because it gives you one of the widest ranges of home workout programs that you can follow.  The Elite model is one particular example of what you could expect to find in the Bowflex line and as a result, it deserves a closer look to determine if it’s worth an investment on your part.  The particular design which goes into the Elite may help determine whether or not it is worth your investment.

Instead of using the traditional weight resistance that you will find in most typical gym exercise equipment pieces, the Bowflex Elite is going to take advantage of a resistance program which is based around rods of varying thickness.  When you workout using these resistance rods, you are going to find comparable amounts of weight adding to your workout.  As you want to adjust the amount of weight which you are using during the workout, you will adjust the number of rods which are being used to provide your resistance training.

The machine itself will initially come with up to 210 pounds of resistance, although you can add on another 200 pounds of weight when you turn to upgrades to the unit.  You will also be able to find a number of different workout routines made available through the Bowflex Elite, allowing you to work on pulldowns, tricep pushdowns, squats, and leg extentions and curls.  When you are able to target this many areas of your body with one simple machine, it becomes much easier to take advantage of the full range of benefits which come with a home fitness gym piece of equipment.

You will discover a few drawbacks to the Bowflex Elite, however.  The first is that the rod resistance training can be rather difficult to get used to, so if you are accustomed to a weight resistance program, you may have trouble adjusting.  The price of a Bowflex is also traditionally much higher than other units, making it more of an investment when you purchase one.  The machine itself is an outstanding piece of equipment, though, and can serve you well when used correctly.

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